Hi. I’m Max.

I’m a full-on geek and freelance editor, proofreader, and former professional journalist. As a features and culture writer, I’ve written about everything from pet cemeteries and sunken treasure to breakfast cereal and the witch island of Mexico. I’ve also written various blogs to scratch the itch for comic books, movies, cartoons, books, and anything else I can pick at. I’m also a grammar nerd but don’t care about ending sentences with prepositions.

Most of the time I like to think of myself as shy, but I also can’t seem to shut up. Which is why I’m the host of three podcasts: PlastiCast, a show featuring comics’ stretchy sleuth; The Mirror Factory, a discussion with guests about their favorite passages from literature; and The Death-Defying Human FlyCast, a podcast about a real-life stuntman and the obscure comic book superhero he inspired. All of these are a part of The Fire and Water Podcast Network, which you should check out.

My love for talking about myself is surpassed only by my wife and our cranky cat.

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Hi, I'm Max. Writer, editor, and podcaster. Recovering journalist who learned to love the Oxford comma. ELP-ATX-CHI-DFW. Rebel scum. Brown 'n proud.